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Iustitia est ars boni et aequi

Law is the art

of the good and the fair.

Ulpian from Celsus

The Chambers have been in existence since the year 2004. They consist of two closely cooperating individual chambers of advocates. The chambers were founded by advocate Janusz Goński and advocate Bartosz Kucharski. The seat of the Chambers is situated in an antique tenement building right in the city centre of Łódź in close proximity to the junction of Piotrkowska and Narutowicza streets.
The Chambers do not offer services without basic advance payment. The clients cover the legal costs from their own sources as well as repay the advocate the normal and indispensables expenses, particularly those in relation to journeys to places situated away from the seat of the chambers.
Advocate Janusz Goński.
Born in 1974 in Świętochłowice. A graduate of The Faculty of Law and Administration of The University of Łódź (Master of Law – 1998 r.).   more »

Advocate Bartosz Kucharski Phd.
        A graduate of The Law and Administration Faculty of The University of Łódź (Master of Law - 1997 r.) and The Faculty of Law of The University of Birmingham (Master of Laws in Commercial Law - LLM).   more »

Civil and Trade law.
Commercial Law.
Intellectual Property Law.
Insurance Law.
Inheritance Law.
Family Law and Personal Law.
Criminal Law.
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Janusz Goński:
phone number: 509771341

Bartosz Kucharski:
phone number: 502053985

90-265 Łódź
ul. Piotrkowska 46 Ip.

Phone number, Fax office:
042 630 55 93

We work:
10:00 - 18:00
office hours:
10:00 - 15:00

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